Robert Curtis Photography | About
When I was approximately 7 years old I saved up for and bought my first camera. It was a 110mm film camera, point and shoot. I loved it... but like everything else that you use a lot, after a while, it stopped working.

In the early 80’s I had the opportunity to use one of my fathers cameras. It was a Pentax 35mm camera. I was spending a lot of my free time with a friend riding motorcyles (dirt bikes) and shooting pictures at Indian Dunes near Piru, CA. For those of you that had the opportunity to ride at Indian Dunes, you can probably relate to the joy that this place brought! It was a lot of fun!

At 12 years old I I dreamed of working for Motocross Action Magazine. I had high hopes of traveling and shooting photos of the top pros all over the world.... Then my camera broke. Without a job it was difficult for me to pay to have it repaired. I got a paper route - delivering papers for the Harold Examiner newspaper and did odd jobs around the neighborhood to help pay for the repairs.

In 1985, I enrolled in a High School camera class. This was my first opportunity to develop film and use a darkroom. Truly a lot of fun.... sadly, now almost unheard of.

In addition to riding motorcycles, I grew up playing ice hockey. Aside from playing, I remember being excited when my father would photograph my games at various rinks around Southern California. A few years later, I found myself playing in the (Midget) California State Championship game in (I think) Costa Mesa, CA. We won the game and I couldn’t wait to see the photos that my mom took from the game and the celebration afterwards. Right up until my mom told me that she forgot to put film in the camera! My biggest moments in my hockey career were lost forever... At least on film. It was a terrible disappointment, even today!

Spring forward to 1998. I decided to continue my career in photography. I bought a new camera, a Nikon N-90s, and started piecing together my equipment.

I initially found myself shooting primarily motocross, but soon expanded to everything else. I purchased dark room equipment and spent many hours after dark in my garage developing and printing black and white photos.

In around 2001, I purchased my first digital camera body, a Nikon D2H. I loved it, although the learning curve to transition to digital took me a little while.

Today, in addition to shooting for my own website, I am shooting for a large variety of other publications, websites and organizations. When I am not shooting NCAA and Professional Sports I often can be found shooting youth and high school sports. If you would like me to come out and shoot one of your games or events please feel free to contact me! I would love to come out and meet you and capture your event!